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Story And Home Of AVOLENS

AVOLENS GmbH was founded in Bochum, Germany in 2022 and has been dealing with cloud and Kubernetes security ever since. In addition to classic consulting and training, AVOLENS GmbH also provides security evaluation of cloud and Kubernetes environments.

As a young company, AVOLENS GmbH is a pioneer in the field of policy management with its Policy Management Platform (PMP) CyLens, which has been available on the market since January 2024.

What We Have To Offer


CyLens is your trusted tool in securing and governing your different environments. With CyLens, you can take control of your environment's security, compliance, and governance. Our platform empowers you to define, enforce, and manage policies efficiently.

Managed Kubernetes Security

Managed Kubernetes Security (MKS) is your trusted service in securing your Kubernetes resources. With MKS, you can put securing and monitoring your Kubernetes cluster in good hands. Our service unifies Kubernetes security to enable faster detection, prioritization and mitigation of Kubernetes security risks.


With KubeFuzz you can test and fuzz your Kubernetes Admission Configration. KubeFuzz is an Open Source Tool living on Github.


We provide customized training in cloud and Kubernetes security for you and your team based on your specific needs in your favourite environment.


We offer guidance to you and your team on the security of your Kubernetes or Cloud project, addressing your individual requirements and regulatory specifications.

Security Analysis

If you've set up your infrastructure and want to assess its security, we assist in evaluating and identifying potential vulnerabilities and risks.

Meet The Executive Team

Benjamin Koltermann

Co-Founder / CEO

Niklas Breitfeld

Co-Founder / CTO

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